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Welcome to Only the Best Canine Roleplays!

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Rank Site In Out
1 Reputable Steroid Sites
2742 9

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2 MMORPG warofhell game
2133 2702

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

3 'Souls RPG
1053 348

An advanced writing, post-apocalyptic wolf, werewolf, and canine RPG taking place in Nova Scotia. Come join our diverse population of characters and players who have been awesome and active since 2001
4 Yavania
710 100

We are a magical animal roleplay, with over 15 free-to-play species, a unique magic system, free-form realm creation, lots of buy-ables, plenty of IC and OC events, and a welcoming community!
5 In Dire Straits
513 166

6 Canis
236 65

A prehistoric valley in the midwest of North America plays home to gray, red, & dire wolves. Face off with smilodons or partake in the annual mammoth migration hunt. Adventure awaits!
7 Vanish at the World
207 136

VATW is a semi-realistic, sci-fi, multi-species wolf roleplay with the thirst for adventure and new members! We are fairly new and hope to expand our community over time, and we welcome you!
8 Sverige
170 105

Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG . The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count, easy app.
9 Risk
151 148

Risk is a semi-realistic, feral canine roleplay set in the fictional city of Cascaro, Maine. Our plot is member driven - you can get involved in the politics of the different organizations or survive
143 41

Four gangs inhabit the city...their goal? To survive. Infidelis is a unique, modern-day stray dog roleplay set in the fictional city of Komorrah, based off of present-day New York City.
11 The DawnRunners Wolfpack
131 139
A semi-realistic roleplay Pack on IRC. Enjoy an active environment! Veteran and Newcomers welcome! We do Meetings & Events monthly. Check out our site before applying & to see Pledge status.
12 Closed
104 71
13 Dauntless
99 117
A minimalistic-styled game, Dauntless is all about survival. We're advanced, Realistic and FUN!
14 Disgraced
83 28
Disgraced is a semi-realistic, multi-animal role play site with a low word count. The site wide plot is very open ended and leaves room for character driven sub-plots.
15 Willow Wood
83 7
A simplified animal roleplay. Create your own pack, start your own family, make new friends (IC and OOC), and just roleplay without the hassle or stress of a word count.
16 When The Music Stops
45 113
We have a 300 word count, a unique medicine and crafting system, plot modified by the actual roleplay, and a small but friendly community. Join us today!
17 Ma'douk
45 16
Follow the journey of four packs of dogs struggling to make a life for themselves in the city of Kah'ren. We are a friendly, welcoming community!
18 Toy Soldiers
39 7
four lands, four alphas at war to become the ruler. low word count, wolves accepted
19 UnEnchanted
39 118
UnEnchanted is an active, semi-realistic canidae roleplay. The future is in YOUR hands!
20 Red Rain
33 5
brand new feral canine rpg. come check us out
21 Wolf Valley
33 149
Realistic, semi-literate wolf forum roleplay. Just opened! We have four packs and five different beautiful locations for you to roleplay in. We also have an exciting new plot!
22 Extinction
31 2
low word count-gang leader role available
23 breathless
26 130
in a world where humans have died off due to overuse of natural resources, canines have now taken over.
24 bones
22 124
a brand new canine rpg set in a radioactive fictional town called phenomena.
25 Akrasia
21 131
Fantasy wolf roleplay with unique species and interesting plot. Huge community of active roleplayers. New plots and events monthly.

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