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Welcome to Only the Best Canine Roleplays!

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Site Of the Moment:
Revelation Lost
Multi-animal roleplay for those looking to have a ton of freedom in a friendly new community. D&D inspired stats, quests, guilds, and even demi-god status are all within your grasp!

Rank Site In Out
26 Akrasia
21 131
Fantasy wolf roleplay with unique species and interesting plot. Huge community of active roleplayers. New plots and events monthly.
27 The Realm of Exos
17 4
We are a play-by-post, fantasy wolf Roleplay open to all wolf and Roleplay lovers alike. We have both public and private Roleplay for the convenience of our users and we look forward to having you as
16 5
A semi-realistic wild canine & feline role play. Based among the Traum Islands, open plot site!
29 Revelation Lost
12 4
Multi-animal roleplay for those looking to have a ton of freedom in a friendly new community. D&D inspired stats, quests, guilds, and even demi-god status are all within your grasp!
30 canine concept
12 15
brand new post apoc canine rpg. members earn rewards ! character driven, laid back atmosphere
31 The Rain Pack
12 71
After much dedicated time, TRP has closed and reopened in a version 2! TRPv2 is a semi-realistic wolf RPG with a brand new look. We hope to see you soon!
32 A Shattered World
11 5
Dogs have lived peacefully with their owners. But when humans are killed off, they are exposed to the hungry wild animals such as wolves and coyotes that are moving in to take over. Who will win?
33 Drift
11 0
Drift is a fantasy multi-species role-play with limited content restrictions, canines/felines/equines as well as mystical creatures like Dragons, Pegasus, and Hippogriffs! We are a friendly community
34 canine company
11 13
a NEW canine rp where you can join the canine mafia or roam the streets as a stray. come check us out. no word count
35 Burning Dawn Pack
10 101
The Burning Dawn Pack is a semi-literate, wolf RPG set in the vast Adirondacks in upstate NY. We hope to see you soon! |The sun rises and so do we|
36 Cinis
8 12
Cinis is a literate, semi-realistic, apocalypse-themed wolf role-play. Set in 2225, Schwarzwald, Germany, the wolves must do the impossible; survive.
37 Dealan- Dè Pack
7 3
We're a friendly, literate roleplay wolf pack. We're set in ancient Scotland, surrounded by myths and legends. Come join us and see where your fate leads you.
38 Reign Of Evermore
7 22
A brand-new semi-realistic wolf rp. In a land never touched by man two packs grow, flourishing. But a great evil is growing... and soon there will be a war.
39 The Nameless Isle
6 2
The Nameless Isle is a fantasy roleplay accepting human, animal, and spirit characters. We pride ourselves on true character customization and creativity, and the only thing you have to purchase is yo
40 Blackmoon City
5 53
We are a fantasy site full of many species such as Shifters, Were-animals, Ookami, Hellhounds, Vampires, Hunters, and Humans. Set in modern day LA, these various creatures lurk around every corner. This city truly belongs to them.
41 Remnants of Shadow
5 8
Friendly, active daily, many plots and packs, & have been together for 4+ years. 250 word minimum average(but we have special areas for beginners). Must be at least 13 years of age.
42 In Dire Straits
4 15
In Dire Straits (PG-13) is a highly active animal RP taking place in a fictional region, “The Dire Straits”, loosely based on the tail end of the ice age. While most members prefer to make canine and
43 Bulletproof
3 2
brand new feral canine rp-come start your own pack
44 Amazing Bible Blog
3 48
Insightful information as it pertains to Bible prophecy.
Forget the Mayan calendar
and get the TRUTH!
45 canine redemption
2 3
brand new canine rp
46 thesnowpack
2 6
We are a literate wolf RPG. We have different areas to fit your different needs! Including realistic, shifting, and mystical!
47 Haiki Mura
2 9
We're a canine role-play, rated PG-13. Haiki Mura has been around for five years on of May 31st, 2013. At Haiki Mura, we're family and welcome in new members with open arms.
48 Lunar Children
2 76
An intermediate to advanced semi-realistic wolf rpg, we allow uncommon eye colors and have a special feature - the ability for wolves to imprint! A beautiful community, full of friendly staff and amazing members and characters.
49 Hit The Lights
2 7
Maddox Creek has been shut down. Everyone and Everything is gone, frozen in time... Except the dogs. Based after WWI

Semi-Literate | 150+ Word Count | Multi-Canine Species (Wolves, Dogs, Foxes, etc.)
50 Imporia: Opus Dei
2 45
Welcome to Imporia, a semi-literate+ Quad/bipedal AU werewolf role-play like never before. For many years there was peace between packs, but the tides are changing!

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